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Master of Arts in Child Study and Education


Current Year 2 Students - Courses & Electives

(for those who will graduate in 2016)

Second Year Courses

Academic Term

  • APD2211H        Theory and Curriculum I: Language and Literacy
  • APD2212H        Theory and Curriculum II: Mathematics
  • APD2214H        Introduction to Curriculum II: Special Areas
  • One academic term elective half-course

Internship Term

  • APD2202H        Childhood Education Seminar II: Advanced Teaching
  • APD2221Y        Advanced Teaching Practicum (full course)
  • One internship term elective half-course

Recommended Elective Courses

For courses not linked directly, please access descriptions from the main online course catalogue at http://ro.oise.utoronto.ca/OLC-OISE-Bulletin-2014-2015/index.htm# or read the 2014-2015 Calendar in PDF

Students may elect any APHD or other OISE course for which they are eligible.  However, the following are especially recommended:

Early Childhood Education Electives
It is highly recommended that individuals anticipating early years employment complete one graduate level early childhood elective course.

  • APD1211H          Psychological Foundations of Early Development and Education
  • APD1238H          Special Topics: Early Learning in Mathematics
  • APD1238H          Special Topics: Language Acquisition and Development
  • APD1238H          Special Topics: Symbolic Development and Early Learning
  • APD1241H          Outcomes of Early Education and Child Care
  • APD1256H          Child Abuse: Intervention and Prevention
  • APD1259H          Child and Family Relationships - Implications for Education
  • APD1272H          Play and Education
  • APD1279H          Preventative Interventions for Children at Risk
  • APD2252H          Independent Reading and Research (in ECE)
  • APD3203H          Children's Theory of Mind
  • JPX1001Y           Parenting: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (offered jointly by the departments of APHD, Nursing Science, Psychology and Social Work)

Special Education Electives
It is highly recommended that all of our teacher candidates complete one graduate level elective in special education. Those doing the spec ed “stream” should complete APD2280 and one other spec ed elective.

  • APD1238H          Special Topics: Executive Functions and Education, Research and Practice
  • APD1238H          Mental Health in the Classroom: How Educators Can Help Our Most Vulnerable Students
  • APD1238H          Special Topics:   Autism – Understanding of Self and Others
  • APD1284H          Psychology and Education of Children and Adolescents with Behavior Disorders
  • APD1285H          Psychology and Education of Children with Learning Disabilities
  • APD2252H          Independent Reading and Research (in Special Education)
  • APD2280H          Introduction to Special Education and Adaptive Instruction
  • APD2283H          Psychology and Education of Gifted Children and Adolescents
  • APD2292H          Assessment for Instruction
  • APD2296H          Reading and Writing Difficulties

Other Recommended Electives

  • APD1237H          Development and Learning
  • APD1265H          Social and Personality Development
  • APD1294H          Technology, Psychology and Play
  • APD1296H          Assessing School-Aged Language Learners
  • JHC1251H          Reading in a Second Language

QRP Recommended Courses (see QRP Info sheet for details)
Students with definite plans for further graduate study at OISE are advised to include research methods courses among their electives and to complete a Qualifying Research Paper (QRP).

  • APD1209H          Research Methods and Thesis Preparation in AP&HD
  • APD1287H          Introduction to Applied Statistics
  • APD2252H          Individual Reading and Research


* * * 

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION COURSE (Prospective and Current Students):

Students who wish to teach in the Roman Catholic Separate Schools of Ontario are required to take a religious education certificate course in addition to their regular electives.  Students interested in this option should contact the Continuing Education Department at OISE


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