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Jackman ICS Homework Policy

  • At Jackman ICS, homework demonstrates the type of work done in class.
  • At Jackman ICS, homework focuses on the integration of skills through meaningful practice of those skills.
  • At Jackman ICS, homework reflects the program of a particular class and is encouraged at all grade levels.
  • At Jackman ICS, homework offers each family the opportunity to support the expectations of the school by creating a study environment that facilitates the child’s learning.

Homework at Jackman ICS is not:

  • Designed to take up all of the child’s out of school time
  • Designed to teach unfamiliar curriculum concepts
  • A replacement for family time
  • The same for all learners

Early Years’ Focus
May include:

  • Being read to and reading
  • Family-based engagement in school-based learning
  • Parental awareness of the class focus
  • Positive expression of parental support for the program of the class

Grade 1 and 2 Focus
May include:

  • Literacy
  • Communication
  • Life skills
  • Mathematics
  • Reading and being read to-in all grades

Grades 3 to 6 Focus
May include:

  • Continue the focus of the of the primary grades
  • Reading, math, all literacy and communication skills
  • Organization and thinking skills
  • Spelling
  • Social sciences
  • Current affairs
  • Reading and being read to - in all grades


About the Homework Policy:

  • Developed by laboratory school
  • Informed by Jackman ICS philosophy
  • Based on research on homework for elementary schools
  • Reviewed regularly for relevance to our practice
  • Regularly discussed with laboratory school families

For homework tips for parents, click here.

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