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Master of Arts in Child Study and Education


Prospective Students - Preparing to Apply

*Application OPENING date: Late September 2017

*Application CLOSING date/DEADLINE: November 15, 2017

*Click here to access the ONLINE APPLICATION SYSTEM.

*Application tips are available here.



When: Saturday, October 14th
Where: OISE-UT, 252 Bloor Street West, Auditorium
*Registration begins at 9am, Event starts at 9:30am



Applicants may wish to ready applications for an OGS, SSHRC Master's Scholarship and/or GA-ship PRIOR to being accepted into the program. Each of these is worth over $10,000! Click here for more information.

Most award opportunties are for registered students. Those admitted into the program will be provided with further financial support information.

Academic Requirements  |  Experience Requirements  |  Application Components  |  Upon Admission


Academic Requirements

  • Grades/minimum academic admission standard: Completion of an appropriate undergraduate Bachelor's degree (a 4-year degree) from a recognized university with at least a mid-B average in the final year of study (73-76%). Higher grades will raise an applicant's ranking.
  • MA studentThe Registrar’s Office will look at your third year of study if you are applying during your fourth year. Please note that you will need to verify the mid-B average in your final year upon completion.
  • If your Bachelor’s degree was completed on a part-time basis, the Registrar’s Office will typically look at your average from the five most recent academic, senior-level full courses, or full-course equivalents. Students enrolled in fewer than four full course equivalents in their last academic year – including Summer Session – are considered part-time.
  • If you haven't yet completed an undergraduate course in child development, it is recommended. Otherwise, you will have to complete one as an elective should you be accepted into the program.
  • Your undergraduate degree need not be in Psychology. Varied backgrounds - academic and otherwise - are welcome. Your Bachelor's degree can be in any academic discipline.
  • Note that your Bachelor’s degree is the “admitting degree”, the only one that will be assessed by the Registrar’s Office. Any additional education may be regarded favourably, but will not be factored into your academic assessment.  

  • The liberal arts/science content (or academic subject matter) in your undergraduate degree must be substantial - guideline is 75%. If a degree is comprised mainly of courses with professional training, practical, studio, performance or sports components, it is difficult to gauge academic abilities.
  • Elementary school teachers teach all subjects. You are not required to identify "teachable" subjects as part of your application.
  • RIT students generally have some background in research and some knowledge of research methods.

Experience Requirements

Both experience with children and grades are taken into consideration when processing applications.

  • Experience managing groups of elementary school aged children is advantageous in terms of admission. It is important to demonstrate that you have been planning to be a teacher and have worked in positions of responsibility. Any experience with children, both paid work and volunteer work, is important and should be included in your application. There is no finite days/hours experience requirement.

Application Components

  • Transcripts: Transcripts must be submitted in two different formats: Online (electronic) and paper (official).

♦  Upload one electronic or scanned transcript from each and every post-secondary institution you have attended (including OISE and the University of Toronto). Instructions are provided within the online application system.

♦  Make arrangements with your undergraduate school to have paper (official) transcripts sent to the OISE Registrar's Office on the 8th floor at 252 Bloor Street West. Applicants are not required to submit pater (official) transcripts of study undertaken at the University of Toronto from 1998 Fall Session to present.


  • Letters of Reference: Two supporting letters of reference are required: One academic (from a professor who can comment on your academic ability) and one professional (from a supervisor who has witnessed your work with children).
    Click here for guidelines: Academic and Professional.
  • Résumé: Résumé or Curriculum Vitae: Please include all experience working with children - paid and volunteer.

At the bottom of your CV, please list experiences working with children using the CSE Experience Summary Form (click to download).

  • Statement of Intent: Describe your background and learning/research interests related to the program. Highlight your assets and strengths. Provide examples for interest and a deeper understandning of who you are and what you would bring to the program. (1000-1500 words, 2-3 pages)

For RIT applicants: Please nominate three supervisors of interest in your statement of intent. You can cite any faculty member in our department - Applied Psychology and Human Development (APHD). Should you be shortlisted for admission into the program, our MA CSE Program Chair will be in touch to identify your supervisor. The following links will help you familiarize yourself with faculty research interests.

Click here:
CSE Faculty Profiles   
APHD Faculty Profiles

Please indicate your field of study preference when you complete the online application. It is possible to apply to both PBI and RIT, ranking preference. Note that RIT applicants generally have some research experience and some knowlege of research methods. If you apply for RIT, please complete the following form - click here. If you are selected for interview you will be asked to provide the completed form to the Admissions Committee.

For international applicants: Please email cse.program@utoronto.ca for further information that will be helpful. This web page will be of assistance as well.


Upon Admission to the Program

  • Criminal Record Check: You will be required to obtain a Full Disclosure Vulnerable Sector Police Check in order to conduct your practicum and internship. Instructions will be provided upon acceptance into the program.  We recommend that you apply in the spring to ensure that your check will be processed in time for the start of the school year in September.
  • Change of Name: You will be required to submit a photocopy of a certificate of change of name, if applicable.

  • If you require financial support, it is advisable to apply for OSAP in the spring so that you have received funding by September.


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