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Clare Kosnik

Director, Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study(CSE/DPE)

Professor, Cross-appointed to the Departments of Applied Psychology and Human Development, and Curriculum, Teaching and Learning


Room 224, 45WAL
Tel: 416-934-4555
Fax: 416-934-4500


Website: www.literacyteaching.net



  • Teacher education
  • Literacy teacher educators
  • Literacy
  • Teacher development

Research Interests


My research focuses on teacher education. I have systematically studied many aspects of teacher education programs (e.g., practice teaching, admissions, academic courses). This led to my belief that we can only truly understand the complexity and “success” of teacher education by following graduates of our programs. Along with Clive Beck I have been conducting a longitudinal study of teachers: 20 who are in their twelfth year of teaching and 20 who are completing their ninth year of teaching. The participants are from a number of teacher education programs in both Canada and the U.S.

I believe that teacher educators are the “linch-pin” of education (Cochran-Smith). After carefully studying my own practice as a literacy teacher educator I was intrigued to find out what/how/why of other teacher educators are doing. This led to a large-scale study 28 literacy/English teacher educators in four countries: Canada, the United States, England, and Australia. The goal of the research is to study in depth the backgrounds, pedagogies, and practices of a specific group of teacher educators. This is one of the first studies in the world that has looked specifically at literacy/English teacher educators.


Research Projects

  • Multiliteracies teaching in a digital age: Balancing the old and the new
  • Rethinking literacy teacher education for the digital era: Teacher educators, literacy educators, and digital technology experts working together
  • Teachers as researchers: An examination of a teacher research group
  • Literacy teacher educators: Their backgrounds, visions, and practices



For many years I have taught literacy methods courses in teacher education programs.  In addition I teach:

  • CTL 3028 Literacy in Elementary Education
  • CTL1799  Current issues in teacher education


Other Accomplishments

  • Executive Director of the Teachers for a New Era large-scale multifaceted project (research, program development) at Stanford University funded by the Carnegie Foundation of New York.
  • Recipient of the J.J. Berry award for excellence in doctoral supervision at the University of Toronto (social sciences).
  • Recipient of the OISE, Distinguished Contribution to Teaching Award
  • Director of the OISE (elementary) Bachelor of Education program (600 students)
  • Director of the OISE Master of Teaching program (120 students)
  • Head of the OISE Centre for Teacher Development at OISE


Selected Publications

Kosnik, C., White, S., Beck, C., Marshall, B., Goodwin, L., & Murray, J. (Eds.) (2016). Building bridges: Rethinking literacy teacher education in a digital era. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Murray, J., Swennen, A., & Kosnik, C. (2016). International research, policy and practice in teacher education: Insider perspectives. Dordrecht: Springer Academic Publishers.

Kosnik, C., Menna, L., & Dharamshi, P. (2016). Reconceptualizing their teaching over time: Goals and pedagogies of mid- and later-career literacy/English teacher educators. In D. Tidwell and H. Gudjonsdottir (Eds., )Taking a Fresh Look at Education: Framing Professional Learning in Education through Self-Study. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Kosnik, C. Dharmshi, P., & Menna, L. (2016). From tinkering around the edges to reconceptualizing courses: Literacy/English teacher educators’ views and use of digital technology. In J. Murray, A. Swennen, & C. Kosnik. (Eds.), Inside Teacher Education: International Perspectives on Policy and Practice. London: Routledge.

Kosnik, C. Beck, C., Dharamshi, P., & Menna, L. (2016).  You teach who you are until the government comes to class: A study of literacy/English teacher educators in four countries In. M. Peters, B. Cowie, & I. Menter (Eds), Springer Companion to Teacher Education Research. Dordrecht: Springer Academic Publishers.  

Kosnik, C., Beck, C., & Goodwin, L. (2016). Reform efforts in teacher education. In J. Loughran & M.L. Hamilton (Eds.). Handbook of Teacher Education. Dordretcht: Springer Academic Publishers. 

Kosnik, C., Dharmashi, P., Miyata, C., Cleovoulou, Y., & Beck, C. (2015). You teach who you are: The experiences and pedagogies of literacy/English teacher educators who have a critical stance. In J. Lambert  & B. Burnett (Eds) Teacher Education for High Poverty Schools (pp. XX-YY) Rotterdam: Springer.

Kosnik, C., Menna, L., & Bullock, S. (2015). Changing our practice and identity go hand-in-hand: A self-study of our efforts to infuse digital technology into our literacy courses. In A. Ovens & D. Garbett (Eds.) Being a Self-study Researcher in a Digital World: Future-oriented Research and Pedagogy in Teacher Education. (pp. n/a) Dordrecht: Springer Academic Publishers. 

Kosnik, C., Dharmashi, P., Miyata, C., Cleovoulou, Y., & Beck, C. (2015). Four spheres of knowledge required: An international study of the professional development of literacy/English teacher educators. Journal of Education for Teaching, 4(1), 52-77.

Kosnik, C., Dharmashi, P., Miyata, C., Cleovoulou, Y., & Beck, C. (2014). Beyond initial transition: An international examination of the complex work of experienced literacy/English teacher educators. English in Education, 48(1), 41-62.

Beck, C., & Kosnik, C. (2014). Growing as a teacher: Goals and pathways of ongoing teacher learning. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Kosnik, C., Rowsell, J., Williamson, P., Simon, R., & Beck. C. (Eds.). (2013) Literacy teacher educators: Preparing student teachers for a changing world. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

 Kosnik, C., Menna, L., Dharmashi, P., Miyata, C., & Beck, C. (2013). A foot in many camps: Literacy teacher educators acquiring knowledge across many realms and juggling multiple identities. Journal of Education for Teaching 39(5), 534-540.

Goodwin. L. A., &  Kosnik, C.  (2013). Quality teacher educators = quality teachers?: Conceptualizing essential domains of knowledge for those who teach teachers. Teacher Development: An International Journal of Teachers' Professional Development, 17(3) 334-346

Murray, J., & Kosnik, C. (Eds.) (2013). Academic work and identities in teacher education. London: Routledge.

Kosnik, C., Cleovoulou, Y.,  Fletcher, T., Harris, .T, McGlynn-Stewart, M., & Beck, C. (2011). Becoming Teacher Educators: An Innovative Approach to Teacher Educator Preparation. Journal of Education for Teaching. 37(3), 351-363.

Kosnik, C., & Beck, C. (2011). Teaching in a nutshell: Navigating your teacher education program as a student teacher.  London: Routledge.

Kosnik, C., & Beck, C. (2009). Priorities in teacher education: The 7 key elements of preservice preparation. London: Routledge.

Beck, C., & Kosnik, C. (2006). Innovations in teacher education: A social constructivist approach. Albany, New York: SUNY Press.
















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