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New Building Update

June 21, 2016 

Enjoy this time lapse video of the demolition of 58 Spadina Avenue created by Gr 6 student, Liam!


June 10, 2016 

Many of you have noticed the exciting work that has taken place at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study since April.   Our property at 58 Spadina Avenue has been demolished to make room for the new wide building structure which will join our two properties:   45 Walmer Road (Leighton Goldie McCarthy House) with 56 Spadina Avenue (Margaret and Wallace McCain Pavilion).  In addition, selective demolition has taken place at 56 Spadina Avenue.  Shoring has been added to the south and northwest elevations.  Excavations and the underpinning is poised to commence next week.

Renovations to 45 Walmer Road will begin June 15, 2016.  The Grade 2 room, washrooms, and temporary Art Room (all in the basement) along with the Library, school offices, and Grade 5 classroom (all on first floor) will all be renovated this summer. 

Please note that during the summer, the main entrance to 45 Walmer Road will be closed due to construction.  All visitors will need to enter the building through the door by the Grade 1 bay window that is located in the school yard. 

New Building Construction 1 

New Building Construction 2



New Building Construction 3



April 2016

GREAT news! The tender for the renovations to the Jackman ICS has been secured with Buttcon Limited, a construction company with 37 years of experience, who are going to start work immediately. In the next week or so you will see hoarding (fencing/boarding) around our property that fronts onto Spadina Avenue to restrict access to the working site.  Demolition of 58 Spadina Avenue will begin on April 18.  We have emphasized to the Buttcon team that the safety of the children is our first priority. 

Updates of the building and renovation will be posted in this section of our website as they become available.

As you know, the expansion project includes construction of a new three-story building that will be located at the back of our building at 45 Walmer Road, joining us to the 56 Spadina Ave property.  Renovation to our current building will only take place during the summer months (2016 and 2017) and begin immediately after the end of our school year. This year, our last day of school is Friday, June 10, a week earlier than usual.  The Day Care will operate the June Camp for the remaining weeks of June in areas of 45 Walmer Road that will not be impacted by the renovations.

The project is expected to be fully completed in September 2017.

We will be meeting with the Buttcon team regularly and if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience, generous support, and for your flexibility with our revised school schedule which included fewer holidays during the school year in order to ensure the necessary number of instructional days with an early school end date this year and the next.

We are delighted that the next phase of JICS is about to begin.


Richard Messina                                             Clare Kosnik
Principal                                                        Director Jackman ICS