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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: I have submitted my preliminary application form. What can I expect next?
A: We thank you for your interest in Jackman ICS. Nancy Boudreau in the school office will send you an acknowledgment that we have your application on file. Applicants would next hear from the Laboratory School when we have a potential space in view.

Q: Can I do anything to advance my application?
A: It is the policy at Jackman ICS to admit children to the Nursery without screening in the order in which their applications are submitted and to fill JK - Grade 6 attrition spaces so as to retain balanced classes. We cannot consider special requests.

Q: Do all Laboratory School families pay fees?
A: The fee schedule can be found in the section 'Laboratory School Parents'. There is a program for tuition support. Please see our Financial Assistance section.

Q: How does the involvement of student teachers affect my child?
A: Student teachers work along side experienced mentor teachers at Jackman ICS. Our students are graduate students who are selected for their academic, personal, and professional experience with young children. Our student teachers make valuable contributions to children's learning.

Q: May I apply before my child is born?
A: Jackman ICS accepts applications anytime after the child is born.

Q: I live in Mississauga, may I apply to the school?
A: No, Jackman ICS only accepts applicants who live in Toronto.

Q: I understand the school does research. Do parents have the chance to decline involvement?
A: Research is central to the mission of the school and all families are informed of this on admission. Parents are asked for annual permission for each child's involvement. Parents or children may decline particular studies. Jackman ICS families know they are choosing a research-based school experience when they choose the Laboratory School.

Q: I'm a graduate of the Jackman ICS Laboratory School. Will my child's application be given preference over other applicants?
A: No, we accept applicants in the order they apply.

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